March 9, 2010 : $ 1 million or around USD 9.5 billion

Tuesday, March 09, 2010
Internet addresses are estimated to have very high value will be auctioned off next March 18, 2010. Just starting bid price of $ 1 million or around USD 9.5 billion. Auction will be conducted at the law office of Windels Marx Lane & Mitterdorf LLP, New York, at the request DOM Partners LLC, owners of the site today.

Previously DOM is funding the purchase of the site in 2006 by Escom LLC. Wscom took over from its first owner, Gary Kremen, chief executive of Grant Media and founder of dating site Kremen registered in 1994 addresses.

Sales then called the most expensive domain transactions in history although not mentioned how much she decided. However, the selling price is reached 14 million U.S. dollars.Loans DOM Escom Partner to maturity of more than a year ago, but not paid. Thus, the right of was confiscated before it was decided to be auctioned. "The loan is due and DOM-consuming Partners in the agreement according to its rights," said Scott Matthews, DOM legal counsel, as reported by Reuters.

Auction domain names with keywords that are popular like this is rare. Historic Auction of domain in 2008 produced the highest price of U.S. $ 2.5 million. Well, if could penetrate prices much higher?


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