May 20, 2010

Game Online Atlantica

Thursday, May 20, 2010
Population Atlantis became very prosperous after they created the substance called Oriharukon. The desire to learn the secrets of this mysterious material, a lot of other civilizations implored the citizens of Atlantis to share their knowledge, but they refused, closing their doors to strangers. People who still insist, was brutally destroyed by the inhabitants of Atlantis. In the end, the inhabitants of Atlantis out of all four crystal supplies, raw materials for Oriharukon. Their thirst for the crystals are brought destruction to four greatest civilizations (the Yellow River, Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, and Egypt), and make their plans to take over the world to find another crystal. But the arrogance and greed of the people of Atlantis just drove them to death. When they lose control of supernatural forces which are created from Oriharukon, Atlantis disappeared in a flash. However, the rest of Oriharukon still there. To continue the dangerous journey that was destined for you as a descendant of Atlantis. To find the land of your fathers, who disappear from the earth long ago. To fulfill your destiny: Save the human race from destroying Oriharukon effect, the source of the destructive power of Atlantis. You will embark on a great journey that will take you to places that are mysterious and dangerous in the world, throughout the history of time and human life. You will enter the contests against the countless creatures of legend and the creation of strange, mutated and deadly because of the effects of Oriharukon. In addition, you must help the mercenaries you meet along the way, fight the enemy together. You will collect the clues left from the old civilization, which will take you to the land of the lost Atlantis, and the secrets it contains. Turn-based Battle SystemAtlantica back to the roots of traditional RPG and combines classic turn-based combat and movement combines elements of strategic actions to deep! Enjoy tactical combat that has been missing from the modern MMORPG.

Mercenary up to 18 Mercenary system to join the trip. Had until 8 Mercenary who fought with you in battle, and set your strategy in accordance with the existing situation. Plan for new tactics and maneuvers along the race to find enemy weaknesses. Level and rank of the Mercenary, as well as your character, will continue to escalate if they are getting stronger.
Player Versus PlayerUji guts and courage against a fellow player. Participate in the Free Leagues will test the strength bertarungmu every three hours in one day. And bet money on yours by making a Challenge, then beat all comers who want to take it from you.

Town Control / SystemPemain Government has the ability to operate a guild that can manage a city. At that time, many things can be arranged for the community of the city, including city laws for safety, customs, industry, commerce, health, and planning and building development. If you manage a city, you have the potential to form their own country. If you're bringing together the strengths, you can be king, with the ability and power not possessed by other players. You can hire more people and affect the head guild under your command to be stronger. Additionally, you can fight with other countries to gain wealth.

GuildGuild a union of nearly all MMORPG, as well as here. Guild offered cooperation to improve the playing experience. However, membership in a guild in Atlantica offers more than that, including the ease of crafting, dungeons exclusive to the guild, and guild points can be exchanged for rare items.
Mentor SystemBangun and strengthen friendship during Atlantismu search! Bring your new adventure with you and for your experience with the newbies. Receive a gift when your student reaches level 30.

Knowledge Impartation System skills you learn to your friends, or sharing your knowledge of the monsters that you have met with newcomers to help them in their journey.
Economic Atlantica system has an economic system run by the player. Player who do crafting most items and equipment in the game after collecting the materials needed throughout the world. Atlantica has been designed to create a 'demand' and 'supply' of the proficiency level in these materials in such a way as to ensure economic stability.
Crafting weapons systems, make potions, and supply the necessary use a variety of materials acquired from your enemies. Do not stop there! Learn up to 34 different crafting skills and learn up to 100 level to gain skills for crafting more powerful items. Refine your weapon through the enchantments or enhancements to have a greater damage. Refine weapons will shine, bringing the deepest fears to your enemies.


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