March 10, 2011

Brooklyn's Finest starring Richard Gere, Ethan Hawk, Wesley Snipe and Don Cheadle

Thursday, March 10, 2011
Like detective stories or gangster? Sure will not miss the movie, starring Richard Gere, Ethan Hawk, Wesley Snipe and Don Cheadle, with the title of Brooklyn's Finest. In this film will be told about three different characters but the police who were both on duty at the NYPD 65th Precint Brooklyn.

Narrated Eddie Dugan, a policeman who will soon retire in a matter of days, but at last been challenged should guide the new policemen. Sal Procida, a policeman who worked in the narcotics division has family problems, especially financial, which finally plunged him into corrupt police. Because too deep undercover work in Clarence Butler (Tango) ultimately prefer siding with Caz (the head gangster who has been the target of the operation disguise).

The three policemen were eventually linked to crimes in the same place, when NYPD narcotics trafficking suspect in a housing business. At the end of this story, the audience can take a lot of valuable lessons, that someone should be able to make choices and bear all risks of these options for his own future, including a choice of bad or good.

Brooklyn's Finest screenplay by Michael C. Martin. And Antoine Faqua, as director, had earlier success with the film Training Day and Tears of The Sun. Financially, this is not exactly a success, because of budget of U.S. $ 17 million, the film was only able to generate approximately U.S. $ 34 million only. But speaking of quality, this film presents the spectacle was certain that not only please the eyes are especially boosted by actors who have incredible acting weight.


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