September 8, 2011

Honda Motor Company will shake up the Asian market with Honda Brio

Thursday, September 08, 2011
Honda Motor Company will shake up the Asian market with Brio. Honda Motor Company will bring Honda's cheapest car to Indonesia in the form of completely built up (CBU) named Brio, with a selling price that will not vary much with prices in Thailand.

In Thailand, the sale of Brio targeted 40 thousand units this year. However, this target was not achieved due to supply some components from Japan is hampered by the tsunami in March. Until last June the sale of new Brio in Thailand range from 1000's unit. The presence of Brio will complement the current dominance of the Jazz still lead the market in Indonesia medium hatchback.

To date, there has been no official statement from Honda Prospect Motor on the specifications of the engine and Brio features that will be sold in Indonesia. Brio will still be tested in the big cities in Indonesia.

Honda Prospect Motor is still studying the marketing plan Brio in Indonesia - ranging from the selling price, market potential and unit supply scheme from Thailand.
Honda also plans to market Brio to India in late October 2011. Expected at an affordable price, Brio can seize the automotive market in developing countries.


  1. this new Honda brio car will definitely shake up the Asian market.


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