February 15, 2010

Goodbye Windows Mobile,Welcome Windows Phone 7

Monday, February 15, 2010
Microsoft's mobile operating system a few years roar muffled by the other operating systems, such as WebOS, iPhone OS and Android. Even Windows Mobile 6.5.3 in some cases lagged behind the new operating system on top. And Microsoft's notice.

So in the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the presence of Windows Phone 7. He hopes Windows 7 Phone can be patched all the flaws in Microsoft's mobile OS there.

Live panels here are widgets, so it can be updated with a web-based information in real time. Means can be updated via social networks like Facebook. Also showing other sources or the calendar, weather, and playlist information.

No more the old interface here. Interface on the new mobile operating system Microsoft is thick with the smell of the Zune, with the addition of Xbox Live. Start menu disappear, replaced with a style "tiles" new.

It's interesting, because now Microsoft took an approach a la Palm / Apple digubrisnya never in the past. Once, on Windows Mobile 6.xx, the mobile phone manufacturers are allowed to make and to skin the OS at will. TouchWiz and Sense overlay makes Windows Mobile look different to that of Microsoft, but this time working on such utak forbidden. Microsoft took steps strict about what can be run on the new system.

The new OS also has inbuilt support for multi-touch control, which is expected to be consistent with multi-touch support in Windows 7 for the PC.

Windows 7 includes 6 Phone hubs, each took the content and services in accordance with a specific theme. Four first hub is Browse, which integrates your contact information and the status of the address book, social networking and location of the Microsoft Exchange server sepreti; Pictures, who took pictures of the phone, which synchronized with a PC and a web service like Flickr or Live Gallery; Games, which combines Mobile games are stored locally with the details of Xbox Live, including your avatar and music + video, which is a direct port of the software that drives the Zune media player and a library-related content and PC online music services including streaming.

In addition there are hubs Office, which provides access to the Microsoft Office suite as well as OneNote, Sharepoint and Outlook. The sixth is the hub Marketplace, which connect you to Microsoft's application store.

So what happened to the Windows Phone 6.5 has just been released a few months ago? According to Ballmer, will have a grace period between the two mobile operating systems Microsoft.


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