September 10, 2010

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Of MiniMAXX Plan

Why should Neo Quantum Rich?

1. VERY LITTLE initial capital, Only Rp. 200.000, -. With potential earnings up to hundreds of million rupiah!

2. Bonus paid DAILY! YOU work today, tomorrow thank bonus!

3. Using REAL TEAM SYSTEM, then press ENTER YOUR immediate bonus value YOU.

4. Applicable safety index as a business, regardless of the results of all paid index, there is no rest for the company.

5. No FLUSH OUT, no limit per day MAXIMUM couples, all of YOUR day the couple paid in full!

6. Registration can directly PASSIVE INCOME (Money Pension). With a SUPERVISOR or MANAGER, YOU can directly be PASSIVE income every day even if YOU do not grow the business. Awarded to FIRST TIME SINCE MEMBER JOIN without terms and conditions.

7. With one foot to grow despite lower row (skewer / elephantiasis) can still enjoy BIG BONUS.

8. Bonus Automaintenance and re-entry programs to ensure YOU get a bonus simultaneously.

9. There was no precipitation in the Company's bonus, all paid in the form transper CASH or DEPOSIT MONEY PULSA

10. Bonus SURE YOU PAID borne by the company.

Welcome and Enjoy a bonus of A GREAT and WONDERFUL from
Neo Quantum Rich

Salam Sukses


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