March 19, 2010

Tutorial Host My Post From Natural Blogging

Friday, March 19, 2010

Since yesterday not to make postings articles how to post my post from the host my post, now I would love know how, the important thing was first approve .. not even if you post too much is not gonna pay the same at HMP , Well .., I'll try to explain how to post articles from Host My Post. I do not mean to patronize you know, (because basically I was still Junior) and is only based on the experience I have experienced and also from the results there nanya here. So if there is one or less, please forgive ya ... and please attention.

After we register our blog and blog on-approve, then we can immediately see the list / list posts that we can post. To see it, after we login, just click the My sites that are the root of Publishing.

After that, please choose a list of blogs that have been in-approve (see blue box), then click Browse

After that, please choose a list of blogs that have been in-approve (see blue box), then click Browse

Then go to the page Register publication, and then "Open Link in New Tab" to facilitate the next step.

This will bring up articles that we post. We can get the title and content Copas directly, or it could be to Copas HTML code.

Having managed to post the article, return to halamanRegister publication for confirmation. Fill Permanent URL URLdengan earlier post, Publication key to key or password that we set when registering, to leave the field blank Comment. Then click Submit.

If it appears the phrase "Publication was registered successfully", means we've managed to post an article from host my post. After the advertiser to review and have been deemed feasible, then the points will be sent to our account. This process takes 1 to 7 days.
To post other articles, please repeat the steps tadi.Dalam a day, in my experience we are able to post up to 3 pages.

If the image appears as above, it means that, in these days we are too much to publish articles that could not publish more. But do not be afraid, we are still able to post articles to other blogs kok if we have more than 1 blog that has been approve.

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