March 1, 2011

History BMX racing of Bicycle Motocross

Tuesday, March 01, 2011
Started History BMX racing of Bicycle Motocross in 1970 (fixed line and mobile services for children began to realize, on the line Dirt Bike Racing in Southern California, from motocross star at that time inspired early. The size and availability of vehicles Afnan Bicycle Sting Ray, and others that their Bikes are a natural choice, because it is simple. adapt and improve the handling and performance of BMX racing phenomenon in the mid-1970s road bike for children, such as a standard off-road, was on the line for this purpose in Established state of California and is generally in the 1972 motorcycle caused race documentary every Sunday, with the national movement in the United States of inspiration ..; opening scene shows kids Stingrays off-road ride on the middle of the decade the sport achieved the critical mass, and began the construction of two working machines designed specifically for the sportGeorge E. Esser founded the National Bicycle League as a non-profit bicycle motocross sanctioning organization in 1974. before they set up the NBL, George and his wife, Mary, sanctioned motorcycle races with the AMA (American Motocross Association). Their two sons, Greg and Brian, raced motorcycles, but also enjoyed riding and racing BMX with their friends. It was their sons’ interest, and there being no BMX organizations in the East, that prompted George to start the NBL in Florida.

By 1977, the American Bicycle Association (ABA) was organized as a national sanctioning body for the growing sport. In April 1981, the International BMX Federation was founded, and the first world championships were held in 1982. Since January 1993 BMX has been integrated into the Union Cycliste Internationale.

The sport of Bicycle Motocross - Freestyle BMX is now one of the staple events at the annual Summer X Games Extreme Sports competition and the ETNIES backyard jam, held largely on both coasts of the United States. The popularity of the sport has increased due to its relative ease and availability of places to ride and do tricks.

In 2003, the International Olympic Committee made BMX a full medal Olympic sport for 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China, and Māris Štrombergs (male, for Latvia) and Anne-Caroline Chausson (female, for France) were crowned the first Olympic champions.[5][6]
Many great BMX riders go on to other cycling sports like downhill such as Australian Olympian Jared Graves, former "golden child" Eric Carter, and youth BMX racer Aaron Gwin.


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