January 24, 2010

Asus UX50V a Real Laptop

Sunday, January 24, 2010
Slim and attractive. That first impression will be seen Justify Fullfrom UX50V ASUS laptops. Thin appearance with smooth and shiny casing make it look elegant.
Thin appearance is deceptive, because apparently the laptop is not enough light, if taken away. Nevertheless, there are several advantages offered by this device.

When opened, measures 15.6-inch screen instantly welcomed sight. This wide size makes good eye to see, especially UX50V screen High Definition quality Backlite LEDs that produce sharp images. If more careful attention, this screen does not have a frame. There are additional glass covering the LCD and the laptop screen so make it look neat.
Compared with similar laptop, start-up process is quite long for more than 1 minute. Instead, it shutdown faster than expected, it took approximately 33 seconds.

UX50V has three USB ports, two on the back of the laptop and one hidden on the left side near the card reader slot. Besides the two USB ports, on the back side there are also (plugs bwt Internet), connection to the TV monitor, HDMI and (power plugs) are placed horizontal rows.
For the keyboard, which provides space UX50V roomy enough for comfortable typing. Flexibility fingering on the keyboard also still can be felt when the laptop is placed in her lap. But less likely to be comfortable if a long put a laptop on her lap. Because if used more than two hours, the temperature of the laptop will start to warm or even hot.

Sound business, no doubt. Altec Lansing speakers with a sound system that supports SRS Premium Sound produces remarkable sound. Location of the speakers are on the side lengthwise down the front. These speakers are fairly reliable and fairly tough. Even when the volume level in full, the sound remains stable and not broken.

In terms of graphics, the NVIDIA GeForce G105M existence seems quite spoil the eye. This is an added value when the laptop is used for playing various types of 3D games are pretty 'heavy' and the opening graphic design applications.
Battery life is claimed to last for seven hours, seemed not quite right. When used for various purposes, Battery 4 cell Lithium Polymer lasted approximately 5 hours. However, if turned on without use, the laptop will last more than seven hours.

Almost all advanced features such as Bluetooth and Wireless 802.11 b / g / draft-n, and webcam superiority exists to improve this laptop.
In large bodies, implanted a tiny camera is 1.3 megapixel webcam. This camera can produce images good enough when used in a well-lit room. This laptop also offers wireless support for 802.11 b / g / draft-n capable enough to raise the performance of wireless networks.


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