January 25, 2010

Jesus Luz more confident as a Model

Monday, January 25, 2010
Pop diva Madonna's lover Luz Jesus existed in the fashion world. The Brazilian model is claimed to feel more successful as a model every time he stepped in front of the camera.

22-year-old man was admitted that he was experienced enough when posing for a photocall. The more often done, Jesus increasingly feel good. Such as Legal Femalefirst quotes from, Saturday (23/1/2010).

He said, "I'm getting better by working in front of the camera. This law of 10 thousand times. You must continue to do to get it."
Jesus also said, he was grateful for the job as the first model in the magazine W. The problem, from the beginning that the magazine a good working contract with the photographer Steven Klein begins.

Model that has starred in advertising campaigns Dolce and Gabbana, said, "The first time I worked internationally with a big name is with Steven Klein for W magazine That's very, very important to me, here and in Brazil. Steven is an amazing photographer."

"I met him during a photocall. He became my friend very well. I always wanted to work with him because I have been friends with him. So it was very exciting when I do a photocall with him," said renowned fashion model brand Louis Vuitton.


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