January 23, 2010

Starting Foreplay Sex? Who's Afraid!

Saturday, January 23, 2010
Foreplay has recognized a big role to arouse sexual desire partner. But a survey of women's magazines to get that many womenfolk who did not deserve it. In contrast, women feel more comfortable to enjoy it.
In fact, according to experts Jane Greer, Ph.D., sexual activity requires equality, in terms of not only men who do foreplay, a woman can do the same thing.
Still, there are still many women who do not know how to do foreplay. Just so you know, foreplay does not have to always be touching or physical stimulation conducted before sexual activity.
Consider the following suggestions, so you can do a maximum of:
Send a signal long before his time
We recommend that you do foreplay long before sexual activity performed. Way, by sending signals to the couple. Such course, at lunch, you can send SMS tender, or called him. This way tend to succeed in making men turn on and can not wait to meet you.
Awarded "view" an exciting
After the meeting, no need to hesitate to stimulate her with the seductive scenery. Seksologi experts have proved, that male sexual arousal is triggered by stimuli received senses.
Use this information to maximum, the stimulation he wearing a sexy nightgown, and Dab tantalizing aromatic scent. Do not forget, a sweet smile and sunggingkan intimate whisper in his ear.
Teased with stimulus
When in his arms, did not have to hesitate to show your sex drive. Tenderly kiss and caress you provide will increase the passion.
Then, find the body parts that are paired stimulation point. Because the stimuli points are not very different men with women. Recognizing the right point in her body stimuli can facilitate the action of the bed you start.
To illustrate, in general, the genital area is the target that you can just explore!
Show initiative
After the couple began to look excited, do not be ashamed to show your desire to start intercourse. Fill your efforts with the initiative to determine the style and way of doing this time of sexual activity.


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