March 13, 2012

India’s most popular jobs are government sector jobs – sarkari naukri in india

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Recent survey done by shows that over 70% of Indian youth applies for sarkari naukri (government jobs). Recent financial recession has caused many people lost their jobs that were employed in private companies and now faces uncertain future. On the contrary sarkari nukri is much more stable and reliable as well as gives you financial protection and security.

Many people would argue that government jobs have lost their craze as now many multinational, international companies are outsourcing and moving their business in India and also paying good reasonable salary with protective future and pensions. I would not disagree with this at all. This is true, but we all have just recently gone through big recession. Although the effect of financial recession was not great in India but still we saw many had lost their jobs and become unemployed and face uncertain future with no jobs. This led to uncertain and unprotected future of the person and family

On the contrary, Government jobs in India offer promising future and reasonably high salary. Sarkari naukri are most secure and reliable lifelong employment and provides protection to not only you but whole family. In unfortunate circumstances like we have already discussed in above paragraph and medical emergencies or even worst death of the employee, sarkari nukri provides replacement jobs to the family member and supply with protection of the financial condition of family. Government employees are also eligible for many other entitlements in a year like holidays package for family, housing facilities, retirement benefits, job security, all eligible govt holidays and much more.

If we are to compare government jobs with privet sector jobs, sarkari nukri always attracts and will continue to attract people attention. With the comparison with privet jobs, sarkari jobs have much less hours of working approximately all government jobs (bank jobs) have around 7-8 hours a day and have many sick, annual and other entitlement leave in a year. On the other hand privet jobs require longer hours of work and will require in future and comparably hard work with no or minimal entitlement of sick or annual leaves.

As this date, government jobs are still popular option for people in India because of the security, salary and entitlements it has to offer to the people. You can find government jobs in many classifieds website or at


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