March 11, 2010

How to verify Paypal without VCC only with a bank account

Thursday, March 11, 2010
Good news for Paypal users in Indonesia. If the first verification of Paypal must use a credit card (which has CC verify Paypal without VCC ), is now Paypal has implemented a system where we can verify by using a local bank account. If used only in the U.S. Paypal users can verify the bank account, now Indonesia and other Asian countries (this blog peeking sempet Indians) was able to verify Paypal using local bank accounts.

How to verify Paypal without VCC only with a bank account?

First, log into Paypal account and click Get Verified

Second, click the Link My Bank Account to link the bank account. Fill in the data bank includes the bank name, account number, and 7-digit bank code. Any bank that support it and the code?Can click the link at the following bank codes.

Next, Paypal will send a small deposit into our account. This deposit will be used for further confirmation. The code will be sent within 2-4 days.

After receiving the code, log into your account and continue the process of Paypal Confirm Bank Account.

And the status of your Paypal account, verified.


  1. wakh yang pensiun terus apdet nih....kumaha atuh


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