March 9, 2010

Valuable information about the proxy

Tuesday, March 09, 2010
Talking about the Internet, actually what is meant by the Internet? Who among you are not familiar with the Internet? Even in the days ahead as the all currently just starting from small children to adults would never use the internet, although there may also be some of you who know little about the Internet. Because the Internet is true that a site can contain many things that we need. With the Internet we are much easier to access the information that was new or old, both domestic and abroad will be obtained easily through the site is very popular these days is the internet.
Given the importance of the Internet for world events and human civilization, the losses do not just think about the Internet only, but our thinking must also be more open on the positive things the Internet has to offer to human life on the surface of the earth. Internet usage is not limited to matters relating to technology, but have included a broader science, health, marketing and business. Therefore, it is certain that the positive impact the Internet has to offer is able to bridge us as users to be able to see the world from a different angle.
So do not think the loss of the internet first before trying the internet, because it would only shut us to try something new. spoke at length about the internet, of course we will not forget about the Proxy. This time, the proxy is closely related to the emergence and development of the internet. What actually is a proxy? some of you would have known there was a proxy, or even have to use proxy for browsing or too accustomed to open a site using a proxy. Whatever it is, by using a proxy it will make it easy for Internet users who like browsing, etc.
Is it really a proxy? The answer is simple and easy to understand for the layman, the proxy is an intermediary or messenger between the IP one to the other IP. Understanding is easy IP (Internet Protocol) is a code or address we are able to proxy URLs courier. If not using a proxy means we are open or access a website with a query or request or retrieve data directly from the data storage place of the website. If you browse or access a website (with a specific IP) using a proxy, we simply retrieve data from the website is the next proxy this proxy that will play fetch the data from the server of a site and then delivered to our IP or until the user through computer.
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