March 4, 2010

pic of manager Lisa Ellis on his phone

Thursday, March 04, 2010
eThe star performer behind the classic band “The Fugees” found himself in hot waters when his wife Marie Claudinette discovered a photo of his manager on his phone. The photo in question was a black and white nude that a photographer has taken of Lisa Ellis, the manager for Wyclef Jean. Lisa Ellis was affronted by the notion that Marie might have read too much into the picture she found on Wyclef’s cell phone.
Lisa Ellis told reporters that the picture that was taken of her nude with her hands covering her privates has somehow found its way into the wrong hands and that the picture was on Wyclef’s phone had nothing to do with what Marie might be concluding.
Lisa Ellis, manager of the famous Haitian-American rapper, and record producer, Neluset Wyclef Jean, had been fired after Wyclef’s wife, Marie Claudinette, found nude picture of Lisa on her husband’s cell phone.

After finding out the pictures, things turned pretty ugly for “Fugees” star, Wyclef. His wife became very angry and demanded his husband to fire Lisa Ellis immediately. She assumed that Lisa Ellis is having an affair with her husband.
But it did not just end there. In a jealous rage, Marie Claudinette told Lisa to stay away from her husband. She even e-mailed the nude picture to a number of influential people in the music business according to an inside source.

Marie has asked Wyclef to fire Lisa Ellis and there seemed to be no hesitation from Lisa in resigning from her position either. Lisa Ellis was of the view that she was thinking about resignation in any case since Wyclef
wasn’t very good at following her advice. When asked how Lisa felt about the whole fiasco her friend said that she was mortified since she already had a boyfriend and this whole scene might complicate matters between the two.

The black-and-white photo showed Ellis standing face-forward with her hands covering her nether regions. Wyclef and Lisa parted about three weeks ago. Lisa Ellis has a boyfriend. A close friend said described Lisa Ellis “mortified” and said that it had been good for Lisa because she was not happy the way things had been going between him and Wyclef. Wyclef had not been listening to his advice. However, Lisa has no issue with Claudinette.


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