March 7, 2010

Qwerty Triple On Plus TV CSL Blueberry @8250

Sunday, March 07, 2010
Blueberries do not like the i9000, CSL @ 8250 has enough bigbody. In fact, compared Blueberry @ 9250 and BlackBerry Storm, it's just the physical phone a little different. Good value, the size of the screen and keypad structure became more widespread.

On the side of the body, not much control panel provided. There is only mini USB data cable double port which as the charger port, and 2.5mm audio jack port. But in the sales package, which handsfree included a mini USB connector.

To control the menu and other functions, CSL Blueberry @ 8250 fully rely on the QWERTY keypad and trackball navigation. As a phone Triple On, Blueberry @ 8250 provides a quick button to select the SIM card to be used. There is the C (CDMA) and G (GSM). Special GSM, there are additional options to use the SIM 1 or SIM 2. While the true C itself is the shortcut menu. Meanwhile, to access the call history on CDMA card we have to press and hold the key moments.

Embedded as a trackball navigation media was less prominent. As a result, to surf the menu is a little less comfortable. But about sensitivity, provided a special menu for the set.

Switch to the screen, CSL Blueberry using TFT LCD QVGA 2.4-inch wide. Quite bright and clear display typical menu structure MTK mobile phone platform. Structure and presented the menu icons Blueberry @ 8250 adopted the BlackBerry's. This model is also used by many other local brand mobile phone. In appearance it's pretty cool, but the impression 'ngejiplak' abis.


Like the phone a lot of local brands in the market, CSL Blueberry @ 8250 also brought entertainment facilities complete enough, one of them TV Tunner. Chipset used is owned by Telegent Systems. The ability to catch the TV broadcast frequency is quite good, it is related to the availability of specific internal antenna. TV tuning process can be performed automatically (auto search), and to store your favorite TV channels available empty slot. For channel selection and volume settings for the TV, using a navigation trackball. In addition, the volume can also be arranged directly from the keypad (-) and (+).

Next is the audio / video player. Interfacnya's standards, but is playing background settings, shuffle, equalizer and song lyrics viewer. About the quality of audio output, the loudspeaker CSL @ 8250 no doubt. Simply 'kicked' and hard. Anyway, not much different from similar phones. Interestingly, we can enjoy the strains of the song is more personal. Can use the headset profile congenital or use Bluetooth A2DP supported him.

Unlike audio, CSL Blueberry @ 8250 did not provide a special menu for its video player. So, to show the film clips we have to open it from the file manager.

Entertainment features no less important is the camera. Unfortunately, just a maximum image resolution VGA (640 × 480 pixels). Any additional facility standards. White balance, night mode and some effects. For the photograph, of course, was predictable. Blurry and sometimes over exposure if the target object in a place more glowing. Video recording capability is also owned a camera phone. But, still, the quality is not much different from his picture functions.

Last is the FM radio. Presence of an internal antenna, making us do not have to plug the headset to turn on the radio.


As noted earlier, CSL Blueberry @ 8250 powered by triple-On technology. That is, is three-slot SIM card (GSM-GSM-CDMA) which can be active all at the same time. Fortunately, the tested model dilock not specified operator. So the card is inserted it free from your GSM / CDMA anywhere.

Interestingly, the CSL @ 8250 already supports dual-standby capabilities. So, when the card is doing CDMA / receive calls, other cards can still be reached. Of course, by displaying a special notification.

Affairs saving the file, CSL Blueberry @ 8250 provides the internal memory slot of 206Kb, and offers space manifold microSD memory expansion up to 2GB capacity.

Facebook, chat and browsing

Like other QWERTY phone, Blueberry @ 8250 also includes a series of online facilities, which average only a shortcut link to the mobile version of the service. There's Facebook, Twitter and chat applications eBuddy, mig33, eMSN and Yahoo.

To support this capability, @ 8250 using GPRS data channel. In addition, this network can also be used for Internet browsing via wap brpwser standard or Opera Mini.

Like CSL Blueberry @ i9000 and 9250, this phone also has supported Java platform. Thus, CSL Blueberry @ 8250 can be inserted applications / additional Java-based games.

Islamic Features

The phone can also be incorporated into the mobile category Religion because of the schedule has the advantage adzan / adzan alarm in several major cities around the world. In addition there are also phone adzan voice and can assist you in determining the direction of Qiblah.


Problem power provider, CSL Blueberry @ 8250 using lithium ion battery capacity of 1000 mAh. Actually quite large for the size of today's mobile phones. However, the presence of a triple on technology, TV Tunner and full multimedia features, would suck up more power if used continuously. Strength is normally about 1-2 days.

Network: Quadband GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) / 800 MHz CDMA & GSM Triple On-GSM-CDMA; Dimensions: 11.55 × 6.33 × 1.36 cm; Screen: 2.4 inch, TFT QVGA ( 320 × 240 pixels); Data transfer: GPRS; Camera: VGA, CMOS, Video recording; Internal memory: NOR + PSRAM: 128 +32 (GSM) & NOR + PSRAM: 64 +32 (CDMA) External Memory: microSD; Messaging: SMS, SMS chat, MMS, Email; Connectivity: Bluetooth, miniUSB data cable, 2.5mm audio jack; Browser: WAP, Opera Mini; Other Features: Polyphonic (MP3), TV Tunner, 6225 MTK Platform software, Audio / Video player, FM radio, Java, facebook, eBuddy, eMSN, mig33, Twitter, Message firewall, call in firewall, sound recorder, E-book reader, the Islamic features (Azan, Qibla, Prayer time, Al-Quran), Alarm, Task , Calculator, File manager, E-book reader, World clock, Game; Battery: Lithium ion 1000 mAh


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